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The FoodTraNet training programme

PhD ESRs are being trained through a structured, comprehensive, and world-class programme. They are gaining theory and first-hand lab experience. They are immersed across the project, spending time at the hosting institution and in one of the other European partners involved in the FoodTraNet project. They are learning important soft and complementary skills to support future careers whilst given the opportunity to network with your fellow ESRs and other scientists in the field.

FoodTraNet ESRs are benefiting from a dedicated research training program focusing on scientific excellence and exploiting the network’s combined research expertise and infrastructure to support them in their chosen area of specialism. Each ESR project will allow the each PhD student to develop specific research skills in a wide range of cutting-edge food science research techniques, which will make them highly attractive to both academic and industrial EU employers.

Within FoodTraNet project each ESR is provided with a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary and holistic experience to ensure they are trained not just in important technical areas, but also in complementary and soft skills to support future careers. Provided by our project partners across Europe, areas of training includes research ethics, intellectual property, contracts, presentation skills, public engagement and dissemination, gender issues, and grant proposal writing.

FoodTraNet’s network is providing ESRs with an important international forum for exchanges of ideas across the relevant disciplines. The inclusion of leading industry and private companies will ensure rapid commercial exploitation of the novel methods, techniques and marketable products developed within the project. ESRs are stimulated to produce relevant, practical work robustly and rigorously tested, which will empower them with confidence and leadership skills going forward.

Main Training and Events

Below you will find details of the training, events, and conferences that you will be part of if you are a successful applicant. You can also find further details in the Call for Applicants .

JSI (Slovenia) led events -from month 6

Kick-off meeting: JSI, Ljubljana, Slovenia; set the stage, Management meeting (MST, WP Teams) (1day)
Soft skills training: Research ethics, IPR training, general principles, IP Arrangements, R&D contracts, regulations, patent applications (Centre for Technology Transfer and Innovation of JSI)
Visits to non-academic beneficiaries and partner organisation: UM, IOS (1 day)
Local public event: organised in collaboration with IUFoST (general public, policymakers, industry) (0.5 day)

FEM (Italy) led events -from month 14

Network-wide meeting at FEM, San Michele all'Adige, Italy (1.5 days)
Site visit: Partner organisation – CONCAST (1 day)
Summer school 1: Advanced approaches for food quality, authenticity and traceability (2.5 days)Training in sample preparation and traditional analytical procedures in stable isotope analysis (FEM, JSI, FF), target, non-target methods in food analysis (INIA), MSI (M4I); Biostatistics and Data Management (FEM); “Isoscapes” – construction, GIS modelling (FF); Concept on development of barcodes (JSI)
Complementary Skills Publication/Dissemination of Results, “Innovation and Entrepreneurship”, Public Engagement, Gender issues in science (FEM) (0.5-day)

INIA (Spain) led events -from month 24

Network-wide meeting at INIA, Madrid, Spain (1.5 days)
Site visit: Partner organisation INIA
Summer school 2: Advanced solutions in food production and safety (2.5 days)
Technical Workshops: Training in sample preparation for targeted, suspect, non-targeted analysis for (UA, JSI), statistical evaluation of the data, nano-sensor for organophosphate detection (IOS), concept of nanomaterial for bioactive and contaminant, latest advances and methods in risk assessment (EFSA, EFFoST)
Complementary Skills: Project proposal writing: Part 1 (WRG)

AUTH (Greece) led events -from month 30

Network-wide meeting at AUTH, Thessaloniki, Greece (1.5 days)
Site visit: Partner organisations - TA and AHas (1 day)
Summer school 3: Advanced materials in food science (2.5 days)Training in development and characterisation of nanomaterials including packaging using advanced techniques (AUTH, UM), Data Management, MSI analysis (M4I), analytical methods for target, non-target and suspect screening analysis by HRMS (UA, Target Analysis S.A.), Nano-, bio-sensors and their application (IOS)
Complementary Skills: Project proposal writing: Part 2 (WRG). ESRs will present their projects proposal MCSA IF, which will be evaluated by supervisory boards (WRG, JSI), Career Guidance (WRG)

JSI (Slovenia) led events -from month 42

Closing meeting and an open FoodTraNet Conference, JSI, Ljubljana, Slovenia (3 days)
• Each ESR to present project results and possibilities of exploitable technology and/or findings.
• Presentations from Partner Organisations and invited external speakers
• Networking sessions, trade body representation (EFFoST, EFSA) and 1 to 1 meetings