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Pills as Podcasts: Insights from FoodTraNet's Industrial Partners

By Nayyer Rehman, WRG Europe Ltd, UK.

Welcome to Nayyer's podcasts

Introducing ‘Pills as Podcasts’, a mini-series presented by FoodTraNet's Industrial Liaison Group. Listen to our dynamic partners from Italy, Germany, Slovenia, and the UK as they briefly discuss their career journeys and the impact of science and technological advancement in their work. Whether you are a researcher seeking inspiration or an academic interested in the synergy between academia and industry, this miniseries offers an opportunity to learn how researchers make valuable contributions to the industrial sector.

Episode 1: Michele Suman – Barilla
Episode 2: Alison Johnson – Food Forensics
Episode 3: Gerald Hermann – Organic Services GmbH
Episode 4: Aleksandra Lobnik – IOS
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