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Exploring Analytical Sorbents for Wastewater Contaminants Extraction: A Journey of Discovery at Jožef Stefan Institute

By Lorenzo Martello, ESR8

Arriving at JSI

My 7-week secondment at the Department of Environmental Sciences at Jožef Stefan Institute in Ljubljana was a remarkable journey, guided and supported by exceptionally skilled individuals at the forefront of their field. Their expertise and dedication served as a constant source of inspiration, enriching my experience beyond measure.

JSI team
Pioneering Analytical Sorbents

The primary pursuit revolved around pioneering advancements in analytical sorbents tailored for the extraction of a broad spectrum of emerging contaminants from wastewater, collaborating with ESR10. Our methodology commenced with the meticulous screening of three distinct sorbent materials to identify the most promising candidate for the investigative endeavors. As our experimentation unfolded, it gradually became evident that one material held immense potential in fulfilling our objectives.


Reactor visit, Brinje

My time at Jožef Stefan Institute proved to be a transformative journey, not only enriching me with invaluable knowledge but also igniting a profound sense of inspiration. I extend my heartfelt appreciation to the entire Department of Environmental Sciences for their unwavering support and invaluable guidance throughout this remarkable experience.

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