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FoodTraNet Team-building:
Adventure in Bovec!

By Lidia Molina, UM-4I.

Welcome to Bovec!

It was time for another reunion of the ESRs. This was a good opportunity to strengthen the bond of the entire FoodTraNet team, both supervisors and ESRs. With our luggage ready, we all headed to Slovenia, where the team building was going to take place during the weekend of 24 – 25th September. For some ESRs the journey was quite long, for others it was just a journey around the corner, but in the end, we all met at Ljubljana airport. From there, a bus took us to Bovec, the Slovenian town with incredible views of the Julian Alps. In the evening, the FoodTraNet team went for dinner to a local restaurant in Bovec to have the first bite of Slovenian cuisine. Then, it was time to take some rest and save some energy for the next morning!

FoodTraNet team

FoodTraNet team arrives at Bovec

Rafting experience

ESRs and supervisors went together to collect the wetsuits and the equipment necessary to do rafting in the Soča river. The instructors brought us to the starting point of the activity through the characteristic mountain roads. During the journey, we were able to see the impressive Boka waterfall of 144 m in height!

When it came to the rafting, four ESRs were not able to join the adventure. However, they didn´t miss the chance to have a walk soaking up the beautiful landscapes that the Soca river offers.

ESRs at Soca River

ESRs visiting the sorroundings of Soča river

The show must go on for the rest of the ESRs and supervisors, who were craving for adrenaline and overcoming challenges together! The team was divided into three groups with their respective captains. During the descent, we had to use our team spirit to sail into the rapids and ensure that all members of the team didn’t fall from the boat!

FoodTraNet team

Foodtranet team rafting together

FoodTraNet team

Soča river

All groups reached the ending point in good time- safe and sound! The bravest PIs and ESRs decided to swim in the cold waters of the Soča river just before finishing the activity.

In the evening, we enjoyed different interactive, competitive and social activities: the scavenger hunt and the trivial quiz night. The winners got a delicious prize!

Enjoying nature and discovering Kobarid

Despite the rain, the next day we went to explore the history of Kobarid town and its days during World War I at the Kobarid Museum. We got a deeper insight into the history of Kobarid with the different objects, pictures and customs representative of that time. The visit ended with a film of the Battle of Caporetto, which took place in Kobarid during WWI.


The teambuilding ended with a nice Slovenian dinner in Bovec. All in all, a very successful, fun, and enriching teambuilding experience. We kept the Foodtranet spirit— always exchanging knowledge from each other while having fun.

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