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Open days 2023 at the Jožef Stefan Institute

By Cathrine Terro, JSI Ljubljana.

25 March: Jožef Stefan Institute

On Saturday, 25 March 2023 the open days took place at the Jožef Stefan Institute (JSI).

Each year since 1993, the open days typically take place at the end of March to popularize, communicate science and commemorate the birthday of the remarkable Slovenian physicist Jožef Stefan as traditional Days of Jožef Stefan, known also as Stefan’s Days, spanning the entire week.

He is best known for originating Stefan's law, a physical power law in 1879.


Animation of prof. dr. Jožef Stefan created by David Susič, E9 – Dept. of Intelligent Systems

This event is organized with cooperation of JSI research departments and other research centers. The event is open for general public interested in research activities on multidisciplinary fields of science.


Open day at Reaktor Center

Different researcher groups from the departments of physics, chemistry, molecular biology, biotechnology, information technologies, reactor physics, energy and environment presented their activities at both locations (Jamova and Reactor center), in a form of interesting and interactive experiments, posters and videos.

Open days should be fun and interactive for everyone where researchers and scientists can portray the importance of science and encourage younger generations to join in the research force. In the pictures below, Cathrine Terro (ESR 6), Brina Pavlovič and Katja Babič are preparing ice cream using regular ingredients (milk, sugar, chocolate, fruit syrup) with liquid nitrogen (−195.8 °C ; −320 °F).


Adding liquid nitrogen to ice cream mix!


Ice cream ready to eat!

You can check the video about that on the FoodTraNet instagram page!

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