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Summer Conferences & Schools

By Cathrine Terro, JSI Ljubljana.

News 1: June 1-3
The 14th Jožef Stefan International Postgraduate School (IPSSC)

The IPSSC student conference was held in person from 1st till 3rd June 2022 in Kamnik, Slovenia under the title 'Better Communication, Better Science'. ESR 6: Cathrine Terro, ESR 10: Eirini Andreasidou, ESR 15: Nayyer Rehman have helped organize the conference and also presented and published an abstract in the annual IPSSC book of abstracts that can be found here:

Cathrine presentation

Cathrine Terro presenting about Stable Isotope databases


IPSSC Poster


IPSSC organizing team

Student conference

Student conference

News 2: June 6-10
12th Micropol and Ecohazard conference 2022

12th Micropol and Ecohazard conference 2022 which was held from June 6th to 10th at Santiago de compostela, Galicia, Spain. This conference is part of the IWA Specialist Group “Assessment and Control of Hazardous Substances in Water” conference series, which are conceived as an international forum for discussion on the state of the art in scientific development and technical solutions concerning emerging pollutants emission, treatment and effects. ESR 7, Harshit Sahai attended the conference and presented his work under the title: 'Sorption behavior of contaminants in PE based microplastics.'

Harshit presentation

Harshit's poster

News 3: June 22-24
FoodTraNet Summer School Training

The summer school was held in Fondazione Edmund Mach in San Michele All'adige in Trento, Italy under the title of ˝Advanced approaches for food quality, authenticity and traceability˝. It was the first summer school since the pandemic hit and it constituted of 3 days of comprehensive lectures and relevant courses. During this summer school, all the ESRs met each other in person for the first time.


Downtime for the ESRs!

News 4: July 3-9
4th Mass Spectrometry Summer School in Biotechnology and Medicine

ESR 3, Mudita Vats & ESR 14, Lidia Molina attended the 4th Mass Spectrometry Summer School in Biotechnology and Medicine which was held in the Centre for Advanced Academic Studies (CAAS), just outside the old city walls of Dubrovnik, on the Adriatic coast. Both ESRs presented their research work in the form of posters under the titles 'The impact of microplastics in fish by mass spec imaging (ESR14) and 'Development of Sample Preparation Method to Analyze the Molecular Distribution in Mushroom Using MALDI MSI' (ESR 3).

Lidia Molina

ESR 14: Lidia Molina, at her poster presentation

Mudita Vats

ESR 3: Mudita Vats, at her poster presentation

Mass Spectrometry Summer School

Mass Spectrometry Summer School Team

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